Strasser Woodenworks...

lasting a lifetime.

Strasser Woodenworks is a USA based manufacturer of fine bath cabinets, with a furniture type look, for the quality-conscious homeowner. Creating timeless designs that complement contemporary settings is the Strasser objective.

Their products are built with the highest quality materials available and with the idea that you will own them for a lifetime. Their lifetime warranty demonstrates the commitment to this ideal.

Strasser Woodenworks bathroom cabinetry is available in a extensive range of styles and finishes and in a wide range of prices. More features, more designs, better quality, and longer life than any brand at any price is what makes Strasser the top choice among discriminating buyers.

Features of the Strasser Bath Cabinetry

Visit the Strasser Woodenworks website to get more information on their available Styles and Finishes.

You can also download a handy bath room planner and print it out. After printing follow the directions to arrange the cabinets in your future bathroom.

Download Bath Planner Here

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