Window Tinting for your Home or Business

It seems everywhere you look you see Glass. It can add exciting elements to our architecture,it can beautify your home or business and it can create an awesome environment by bringing natural light to any space. 

But at what price?

Glass allows light into your environment, while beautiful and beneficial at times, it can also be very damaging. What with harmful UV rays, the sometimes annoying glare and the increase in energy costs from the excessive heat that bleeds through as the sun relentlessly shines into the room it can be very costly in the end.

You can minimize and control the damage by professionally applying window tinting.

While blinds and shades do help a little, with your windows tinted with the right product you can block up to 99% of the UV radiation that un-tinted windows allow into the room thereby saving you money on energy costs and protecting your interior finishes and furnishing.

The right product can even protect you from broken windows due to crime and high winds.

Let the people at Furnival Construction show you how tinted windows can prolong the life of your furniture and interior finishes and save you money in the long run.

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